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Workplace Education

Workplace Financial Education

Workplace Financial Education

Provide your employees with the most valuable tool....Financial Education.

What better place to learn than in the workplace.

We provide Financial Education to employees of many top organizations in the Washington DC metropolitan area, covering a variety of different topics.

A few examples:

Investing Basics

Planning for Retirement

Understanding Life Insurance

Understanding Social Security

Planning for College

Estate Planning 101

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To learn more about our financial education workshop, click the link below.

To learn more about our financial education workshop, click the link below.

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We Help Meet the Diverse Financial Needs of your Employees

Financial wellness and retirement has become an essential component of any comprehensive benefits package. More than two in five employers report an increased demand for financial education from employees,*  and 71% percent of Americans are interested in getting it.**  According to PwC's 2017 Employee Financial Wellness Survey of 1,600 full-time employed adults, 59% of employees are stressed about their finances. Those who are stressed are more likely to be distracted by their finances at work, miss work due to their personal financial issues and cite health issues caused by financial stress. 

MWA can help you meet the diverse financial needs of your employees, reduce your administrative burden and increase the appreciation of the benefits you offer by supporting your workplace benefits with educational workshops.

We can provide your employees with access to a range of financial and retirement education resources through on-site workshops, with optional personal consultations and decision-support assistance. By combining a solid educational foundation with the ability to address their specific individual goals, employees can take concrete action toward meeting their financial objectives.

From planning for retirement to caring for someone with special needs, we can offer access to a wealth of relevant, objective information. These resources are available to help ensure all your employees benefit from the same resources through a consistent message no matter where they are located. Working with our dedicated team, you can customize your workplace education with the workshops that best meet the diverse needs of your employees.

 * Source: Access Perks: Employee Benefits and Perks Statistics, 1/17/2019
** Source: The TIAA 2016 Advice Matters Survey conducted by KRC Research, 8/15/2016

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